"Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do"

Raygee is a Filipino Canadian Artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Living in Philippines and moving to Toronto at the age of 6, his music is a fusion of his Filipino roots and his Canadian upbringing.

More commonly known as a member of Southeast Cartel (www.southeastcartel.com), the group has become a beacon for FilCan underground artists. Having graduated as an audio engineer, Raygee has helped develop not only SEC's sound, his own, but a number of FilCan artists as well.

Having made music for over a decade, he has had the opportunity to collaborate and open up with SEC for artists such as Gloc-9, Karl Wolf, Abra, Loonie, Bamboo, Parokya Ni Edgar to name a few.

"Never Waited To Be Helped I Just Went & Helped Myself"

Apart from being an artist and an audio engineer, Raygee has helped organize various FilCan events around Canada in the past years. He has helped pioneer events such as Sakop and the FilCan Music Awards. Raygee aims to bring FilCan Music into the mainstream light, and he believes in order to do this you have to bring the community up, not just yourself.

If you are a fan of hustlers and the grind, then Raygee is an artist you should listen to!